Bob Brazell Photography, Inc.

Specializing in Fine Architectural & Commercial Photography


Born and raised in San Diego, California, Bob Brazell began his career in photography in 1960 at the age of 11.  From a second-hand camera and an improvised basement darkroom came a lifelong profession and consuming interest. An early fascination with motion pictures led to study in cinematography at San Diego City College and various short subject and action films.  This experience would later surface in broadcast television work and eventually special interest videos.

Brazell's primary interest, however, would shift to commercial applications.  He studied under noted commercial and industrial photographer W.F. Carter, head of the industrial photography division of General Dynamics in San Diego.  It was there that he learned to use the artificial lighting and large format camera equipment that he would use throughout his career. 

Bob Brazell Photography, Inc. was started in 1979 and initially did everything (Ads, Weddings, Portraits, Food, Aerial, Medical, etc.).  Since 1983 Brazell Photography has specialized in Commercial Ad Illustration (mostly for the hospitality industry) and, primarily, Architectural Photography.  From his home base in Crested Butte he travels all over the country and the world photographing building exteriors and interiors for discriminating commercial clients.